Pig Avengers aim direct attack at Angry Birds

Giraffon creates a new game that allows users to create their own levels.

28 JUNE 2012, PROVO, UT

Giraffon, a company composed of 4 young Brigham Young University students, created their first iPhone game, "Pig Avengers", and launched it in the App Store. 

"We want to create iPhone apps that everyone would want to have on their phone," said Russell Ochoa, founder of Giraffon. "We think that Pig Avengers is a great start to eventually have Giraffon on everyone's mobile."

Pig Avengers is a game app with game play similar to Angry Birds. In Pig Avengers, however, you can build your own levels and the objective is to free your pig friends. This is the story from the pigs’ perspective.

“They have been under attack by wolves and birds for years,” Russell said.  “Its time to take their side and defend them.”

The real revolution starts as users create their own levels at the Pig Avengers website (http://www.pigavengers.com/main/editor). Thanks to a special patent-pending HTML 5 online system, users can create a personal profile and design their own imaginative puzzles to take down the enemy and save “Hugo”, their pig friend. Levels designed by users are then playable instantly in the mobile app.

“We want to create a perpetual experience,” Russell said, “We noticed how short some popular games are. Once you pass all the levels there is not much to do. If we give users the freedom to create their own levels and challenge others, the fun can be endless!”

This young team see their Pigs as more than a mobile game; if the game catches on, they may enter the toy industry, too. They have a Facebook App in development to facilitate level building and sharing, and they dream to one day introduce their characters to the Angry Birds squad and stage an epic battle.

About Giraffon

The company has had great success since they started in February 2011. Because of their focus on detail and professionalism, many local businesses have contacted them to develop iPhone apps. They have even worked on Apps for Fortune 500 companies, like Pepsi. Currently they have 3 apps in the making and are expanding and growing. Their capabilities range from social media apps, gaming apps, utilities apps, top-notch graphic design and more. 

More information about Giraffon can be found at: http://giraffon.com